We have created this site to answer the various questions you have concerning radon. The front page is mostly dedicated to links throughout the site and to other radon information sites. We want you to know we think we are in the medical field as well as the construction field. It's true we drill holes in concrete floors, run big white pipes through your house, and add fan motors to them, but what we do saves lives. My partner and I both have survived cancer and we know after several years of testing in the high kaarst areas of Kentucky the radon levels are much higher than the national radon map shows.


What is Radon?
How does Radon cause cancer?
How do I test for Radon?
Real estate transaction testing?
How do I interpret the Radon test results?
Who should pay to get the Radon reduced?
How do I fix the Radon problem?
How much does mitigation cost?
How much does it cost to run the fan motor?
What about radon in granite countertops?
What about radon in well water?
What about radon in city water?
Questions to ask a Radon Tester?
Questions to ask a Radon Mitigator?
How can I check my mitigators work?
How do I not void my warranty?
Should I buy a home with an existing passive system?
Should I buy a home with an existing active system?
EPA consumers guide to Radon reduction
Radon Horror Mitigation Pictures